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Real Estate Floor Plans ( 2D Black White Plans , Colour Plans , Site Plans, 3D Plans )

A floor plan shows the entire unit, not just part of it. In other words, floor plans reveal what photographs often do not: the proportions of rooms, the number of rooms and the traffic flow among them. A buyer can instantly see, for instance, if the kitchen is conveniently situated near the dining room, whether bedrooms open directly onto the living room or whether a trip to the bathroom will involve a walk through a bedroom, etc. Elegant Media Solution creates presentation floor plans of residential and commercial properties, specifically tailored to suit your needs. We specialize in producing crisp accurate floor plans with a range of options for use in Real Estate and Realtor web sites, customized to suit your existing branding or colour scheme, be it colour or black and white. We offer a quick and accurate 24 hour turnaround of all plans in any raster image or vector line format. Options available with EMS floor plans:

Why is Elegant Media Solutions the number-one choice for real estate Floor Plans ?Choice of coloured lines and background

  • Choice of coloured lines and background
  • Sizes and dimensions
  • Room / Floor labels
  • North symbol
  • Company logo
  • Disclaimer
  • Custom borders




A floor plan instantly gives context to photos, succinctly conveys a property’s potential and immediately allows for a clear and concise view of a property’s dimensions and orientation.
It’s no wonder floor plans have been widely used in the UK, Australia, Canada and the United States for years now.
Remember, photos are great, floor plans are great – put them together by adding a low-cost floor plan to your marketing campaign and you have a sure-fire winner! Have an EMS floor plan done today!

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