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Elegant Media Solution (EMS) is a company dedicated in providing web enhanced solutions to the global real estate industry without limitations in the form of re-touching & processing digital images, creating 360 Panorama virtual tours, drafting & designing of floor plans, lease plans & site plans for all type of buildings, from small residential types (houses) to the largest commercial and industrial structures (hospitals and factories)

Why EMS?

Elegant Media Solution will use exceptional skill and take great care in re-touching your digital images while carefully drafting your floor plans to precise detail and producing them in CAD, tailored to Real Estate industry. Our services are made Available : Monday – AEDT TIME 5.00am to Saturday AEDT Time 5.00am During these hours and Account Manager will be available for the convenience of our clients for easy communication and customer care. By the way, ours is a vibrant team, full of enthusiasm and committed to the task. We undertake to deliver your order on time under consistent quality of an exceptional level. Also our experience and expertise make us a leader in creating web marketing tools for the real estate industry.

What is EMS’s strength?

A professional & experienced staff full of talent & dedication made available to meet out with client request from different time zones on a 24 hour round the clock basis.

  • Ability in providing careful attention to every detail of your requirement.
  • Ability in providing a dedicated staff to suit any customer requirement ensuring the desired quality is supplied.
  • An ever growing customer base as a result of our satisfied customers
  • Staff training on updated software backed by novel state of the art equipment & hardware
  • Uninterrupted & dedicated broadband internet facility.
    Personalized Interface System which is user friendly to all our customers.
  • 24 hour customer care facility.
  • Wonderful team spirit with proper leadership.
  • Flexible terms & packages with appealing pricing structures.

Pricing Structure – Does it include the processing charges only?

At EMS, we don’t believe in `only’. We therefore will charge you for a complete package that include other services such as quality checks, follow up, customer care etc., in addition to processing. We are always prepared to make the extra effort for the customer’s sake.

EMS Interface System – What is it?

Elegant Media Solution (EMS) is an advanced data communication system which is user friendly to all our clients in the real estate industry which could be used from oder placement to tracking of order progress, to requesting amendments, to approval of orders etc… Also adding client preferences, special instructions, entering customer satisfaction level, or offering feedback can be done with no hassle through the use of our system.
EMS along with its FTP is an attractive and specially designed system which fulfills the requirements of the vendor, agent as well as the photographer. It is developed, owned and operated fully by Elegant Media Solution.

Benefits of using the EMS system

Order placing – when a new order is placed, the system delivers an auto generated email to you stating of your order including the order number which is unique to each and very order.
Order tracking – once an order is placed, following it up is made easy through the system as to what processing stage your order is.
Order approval – once your order is complete, the system will deliver an auto generated email with the links for viewing and downloading the images and/ floor plan.
Order evaluation – at the time of approval, the system enables the customer to evaluate the finished order and give a score from 1-10 depending on the customer’s satisfaction level.
Amendments – if the customer requires any changes done to an already completed order, it is a matter of clicking the relevant link so the system changes the status of the order making us aware of it . Please ensure to upped your files with required changes prior to clicking on the link.

In addition to been facilitated by a high speed broad band internet the EMS system has a backup storage capacity where order of any customer could be retrieved for the past month or even a year at any given time.

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